John Davidson

    Our son had been sick for several days and he was getting worse, so we brought him to our primary care doctor to be checked out. After a quick physical exam, he told us that he wanted to run a new molecular test that could identify all sorts of different respiratory infections faster than other types of tests and that the test could potentially help with treatment. At this point Matt was really sick, so we were eager to have the test done.  The next day the results were in; Matt had Whooping Cough and MRSA.  We didn’t know Whooping Cough was something anyone could catch these days and we didn’t know what MRSA was.  Our doctor put our minds at ease and said that both the Whooping Cough and MRSA were treatable with antibiotics. We just wanted to thank both our primary care doctor and MedArbor Diagnostics for taking care of our son.