Scheduling Test

Fast, Accurate, Reliable Results for
COVID-19 or COVID-19 Antibody Testing

Step 1: Select Location

Find your nearest Medarbor Diagnostic Testing Center location and select that from the drop down menu.

Step 2: Select the type of Service/Test you need

COVID-19 RT-PCR Test for Symptomatic and/or Possible Exposure
The test is directed to detect and identify COVID-19 and variants, if requested, and covered by most insurance plans.

COVID-19 RT-PCR Test for Travel/Event/Other
MedArbor Diagnostics can offer 1 Hour RT-PCR COVID-19 results approved for Airline International Travel, Event, or Other requirements.  Insurance plans do not cover for surveillance testing.

Cost of our Test’s:

  • 1 Hour RT-PCR $200 for International Travel
  • Next Day RT-PCR $150 (Monday-Friday only)
  • Same Day Rapid Antigen Test $100

COVID-19 Antibody Test
MedArbor Diagnostics uses cPASS SARS-CoV-2 Neutralizing Antibody Detection Kit to identify neutralizing antibodies.  Insurance plans may  deny or partially cover this test.  If not covered total cost is $150.

Step 3: Select Location & Site Code

Select the corresponding location and site code so we can confirm the correct testing center has been chosen.

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