MedArbor uses state of the art quantitative LC-MS/MS technology.

MedArbor Diagnostics specializes in providing toxicology drug testing for the purpose of helping providers monitor their patients who are undergoing chronic pain and substance abuse treatment.  MedArbor’s objective is to provide fast and accurate results that help provider’s monitor patient adherence to their prescription regimen.

Urine Drug Testing with LC-MS/MS Technology

Quantitative urine drug testing with LC-MS/MS technology is the established gold standard for clinical medication monitoring used by health care providers across many medical specialties, including pain management, primary care, addiction treatment, behavioral health, and OBGYN.

  • Identify risks for severe and major multidrug interactions.
  • Gain hours of productivity through automated integration with state PDMP databases – compliance has never been easier.

Oral Fluid Testing (OFT)

Providing a urine specimen may be challenging for some patients or in certain clinical settings. OFT can be easily observed, is non-invasive, and provides accurate real-time data.

  • Comprehensive metabolite panel includes many common prescription medications and drugs of abuse, misuse, or diversion.
  • Allows test results to be classified as consistent or inconsistent with a patient’s treatment regimen.

Monitor patient compliance and support clinical decisions by detecting potential abuse, misuse and deviation from regimen.