Blood & Wellness

Blood & Wellness

We know that our work can be life affecting. That’s why we focus on providing exceptional client and patient centric customer service, designed to enhance the delivery of patient care.

Our Value

The value of laboratory medicine in patient care is unquestioned. Laboratory medicine is an essential element of the health care system. It is integral to many clinical decisions, providing physicians, nurses, and other health care providers with often pivotal information for the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and management of disease.

While blood tests are commonplace and seem simple enough, they involve a complex diagnostic process of preparing the blood, require specialized equipment and technicians to run the tests and then verify the results.

An abnormal result on something as customary as a CBC or lipids panel test could  be the first indication that draws the clinician’s scrutiny. As fundamental part of the diagnostic process, blood wellness tests, help physicians make the correct diagnosis and determine the most suitable course of treatment.

Our Commitment

At MedArbor, we are committed to providing physicians with insights and understanding that will assist in the prevention, early detection, and personalized treatment of health problems. Our Blood Wellness testing profile, is designed to provide physicians with clinically actionable information and enable them to make the right health decisions for their patients.

We understand that physicians must constantly look for solutions to improve the care they provide to their patients. MedArbor’s focus is on providing seemless and dependable laboratory services in their entirety; from turnaround time to highly trained lab personnel whom monitor our testing processes to reports that are intuitive and easy to interpret.

MedArbor Diagnostics’ comprehensive wellness profile offers a wide range of blood tests such as Total Cholesterol, Complete Blood Count, Hormone and more.