Q. What advantages does PCR have over standard culture?

    A1.   PCR is undeniably faster, more sensitive and more accurate than Culture.

    A2.   PCR doesn’t compromise on the amount of meaningful data it provides for speed.  Conversely, Our UTI and Wound Tests detect Fungi, Gram -/+ bacteria, resistance genes and provide CDC and FDA supported Treatment Guidance all in 12 – 24 hours

    A3.  MedArbor’s RPP Panel provides physicians with detection of a combination of 36 viral, bacterial and fungal targets including 4 resistance genes

    A4.  PCR quickly identifies mixed, mono, polymicrobial infections AND gene resistance markers

    A5.  PCR results are not dependent on a lab tech’s abilities, nor the time it takes to grow  bacteria in a culture dish resulting in more comprehensive and accurate sets of data with faster turn-around times.

    A6.   PCR’s ability to detect resistance markers better supports antibiotic stewardship reducing treatment failures and adverse events due to improper Rx

    A7.   PCR will never generate “no growth” results

    A8.   PCR  greatly reduces the chances of receiving “contaminated” test results