Sample Collection & Shipping Guidelines


Sample Collection Guidelines:

  • Record Two patient identifiers “first & last name and date of birth” on one of the requisition stickers and apply or directly hand write on to the collection device itself.
  • Select the desired Test by checking the appropriate box on the requisition form.
  • Record the Time and Date of collection and the Initials of the person whom performed the collection.
  • Record the appropriate ICD-10 code(s) on the requisition form.
  • Be sure to capture Physician Signature on the requisition form and Patient signature, if possible.
  • Attach patient Demographic Sheet, copies of insurance cards and any supporting diagnosis notes from patient visit/file to the requisition, if possible
  • Confirm that the Patient Identifiers on the completed requisition form and associated collection device match.


Shipping Guidelines:

  • Place the matching Collection Device in a biohazard/specimen bag and seal the bag.
  • Insert matching requisition form and associated patient demographic sheet, copies of current insurance card and any patient diagnosis notes into the specimen bag’s side pocket located on the Outside of the bag.
  • The package is now ready for shipment via FedEx or UPS.  Ship sample(s) using MedArbor pre-addressed overnight shipping labels and bags – make sure to use Bristol, PA labels only.

Contact us for more information regarding collection and shipping of products.

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